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2009-05-03 21:22:15 by LolIShotU

hi :o


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2009-05-03 21:44:46



2009-05-12 15:01:51

Heya, 'sup? Nice user page header! ^^

LolIShotU responds:

Thanks! :D

It was made with good ol' Paint.


2009-05-22 19:34:31

Hey dude I'm a drummer/bassist - if you want I can do something with that song of yours "This Life" and can post it on here unless that's like stealing or somethin and I'd totally give you like 9/10 of the credit - or put it on YouTube (I've got at least 30 subscribers...Somethin like that) people check my stuff out and I could post a link in the description, all that good stuff - so just let me know gimme a comment on my page or e-mail me ( Thanks dude!
P.S. Punk ownz all.